Tuesday, 2013 January 15th
INTERSUGHERI trade-mark distributed by ENOLTECNO.

Monday, 2012 March 26th
On March 26th. we moved into the new main office in Via Lamarmora, 17C, BIELLA 13900
Tel: +39.015.404168 - e-mail:

Wednesday, 2012 March 14th
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SGM and JANO trade-marks distributed in Italy by ENOLTECNO. Tradition and technology ready for quality service.

Wednesday, 2011 January 26th
Gabbietta antichizzataGabbietta antichizzataGabbietta antichizzataGabbietta antichizzata
We're glad to introduce the ''antique muselet''
"Antique muselet" is a new product available in two versions. Such product is included into ENOLTECNO price list starting from today. It is suitable for particular product, special cuvèe according to your needs.
Matching could be with French or traditional belt wire hood and among all possible options there could be utilized belt wires and colored body, also with special shades, '' antique '' cap in various colors with option of relief text or lithograph shades, and cap predisposition.
Product can be demanded at ENOLTECNO srl or our agents.

Wednesday, 2010 November 3rd
ENOLTECNO deals all following wine trade-marks sales   -  Gobbo ai Pianacci, Grecale, Grignolino del Monferrato, La Frasinella, Lhennius, Lignalia, Malemacchie, Montescudaio Bianco, Monteschiudaio Rosso, Rovo, Sgrisello, Valisenda, Vigna Stramba, Vignalontana.
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From Friday, 2010 April 16th to Sunday 18th
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Sunday, 2010 January 24th
With ENOLTECNO party is more fizzy   -   Andrea Mestrinaro interviewee on 'Giornale del Piemonte'
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Wednesday, 2009 December 23th
Gospel Christmas concert   -   Craig Adams & The Voices of New Orleans
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